Sue Mayfield Geiger - @LovieSue

Sue Mayfield Geiger

Writer, Model, Singer, 1940s Fashionista, and Encourager


I freelance for several regional and national publications, writing about anything and everybody. My English degree sets me apart from my journalism-degreed colleagues, thus my love of poetry.

I have a long history of print and ink in my DNA since my paternal grandfather and uncle both ran presses at the old Gulf Publishing Company in Houston, TX.

As a little girl, I was fascinated by the enormous machines, the typesetting of letters, and the smell of the ink. With reams of discarded blank paper, I would make up stories before I knew the meaning of the word “plot.”


I felt it was time to bring attention to women (and a few good men) who are owning their uniqueness after 70.

As a senior model with silver hair (and sometimes salt and pepper), I do get assignments that fit what typically defines 70ish, yet I am still yearning for the opportunity to show the industry the glam and sass side of who we are.

My professional singing career started decades ago and lasted a short time. I made a comeback (reluctantly) at my son’s wedding in 2016.

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